What is it?
A system of interlocking corrugated HardieFence™ sheets, and the unique Easilock® capping system which locks the sheets in place. It creates a secure, good-looking fence without posts or rails that looks identical on both sides.

Where do you use it?

  • In residential applications where attractive fencing is required.
  • Suitable for level or sloping blocks.

What are the key benefits?

Resistant to dents

  • Looks the same on both sides. There’s no right or wrong side,no posts or rails
  • You can choose to paint it in the best colours to suit your home
  • The sheets are designed to be buried up to 600mm deep – which is enough to stop even the most enthusiastic dog from getting out


PC                                      Size (mm)
400150                              1,800 x 1,105
400149                              2,400 x 1,105