Design Advantages & Benefits for COLORBOND® steel Fencing

There's lot of practical advantages and design benefits to a fence made from COLORBOND® steel.

It looks great. 

With its clean, crisp lines, COLORBOND® steel looks great from both sides of the fence (unlike a timber paling fence).

It also looks good alongside a wide range of home styles - from traditional to modern - and you can individualise the look of your fence by adding lattice, post caps or gates.

Colorbonds new Super Polyester coating technology also means your fence stays looking newer for longer.

It comes in a wide range of colours. 

There are 14 colours from which to choose, so you're sure to find something to complement the rest of your home - particularly those highly visible features like your steel roof, gutters or garage door.

It's made to last

COLORBOND® steel won't rot or be eaten away by termites.

It also won't burn. In fact, testing by the CSIRO and the Bushfire Co-operative Council shows a steel fence can help protect your property during a bushfire. Download Research & Investigation into the Performance of Residential Boundary Fencing in Bushfires (127 KB)

The prepainted finish of COLORBOND® steel is also designed to stand the test of time. The proof is in more than 30 years of testing by BlueScope Steel in all sorts of weather.

It's easy to maintain

Once it's up, there's very little do. Keep an eye on the bottom of the fence to ensure it's clear of soil and garden debris, and give the whole fence an occasional wash down.

Because it's COLORBOND® steel, you won't be repainting it every couple of years, nor will you have to nail palings back on.

It's secure and private

With no vertical gaps for prying eyes, a fence made from COLORBOND® steel is a great privacy screen.

It's also a secure barrier.

There are no easy foot or hand holds for climbing, so it helps keep unwanted visitors out and your pets and children in.

It's a good choice for the environment

Steel is a 100 percent recyclable material.

Also, today's modular steel fencing systems generate very little scrap during installation - and whatever waste material is left over can, of course, be recycled.

And because a fence made from COLORBOND® steel is termite proof, you don't have to apply toxic chemical treatments - good news for your garden and your family's health.

It's backed by BlueScope Steel

For your peace of mind, BlueScope Steel guarantees the performance of fencing made from COLORBOND® steel with a 10 year warranty on posts, rail and infill sheets. Click HERE to see the Bluescope Steel Warranty

Make sure it's genuine COLORBOND® steel

There are other prepainted steel products out there that look the same, but don't necessarily perform the same.

COLORBOND® steel is manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and has a corrosion resistant base of ZINCALUME® steel for strength and durability.

Always ask for COLORBOND® steel by name. And if you're unsure, check each sheet for the laser engraved COLORBOND® steel logo - the stamp of quality.


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